Next to You by Daisy Prescott – Review

Next To You Daisy PrescottNext to You by Daisy Prescott
Publication Date: July 6, 2016
Publisher: Daisy Prescott
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Romantic Comedy
Pages: 205
Format: Ebook
Source: Purchased
4/5 Stars

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“If you want to date me, all you need to do is say the word. I’d never let you go.”

I added Sage to my rugby club’s annual list of women who are off limits thinking I could protect her from the gorillas I play with. Aspen’s a small town in the off season when the dating pool shrinks to the size of a melted snowflake. Never did I think I’d be the one to break the code and date her.

Even if it’s all for show. A wager between friends. An excuse to hang out with her more.

Nothing more than that.


Who agrees to date their best friend over a green smoothie? Apparently this girl right here.

Now the man-bun-sporting South African rugby god next door is my fake boyfriend. I need to rebuild my confidence after some poor dating decisions. Who could be better to fluff my ego than Aspen’s hottest bachelor?

This situation is a win-win.

Next to You is a standalone Romantic Comedy/Sports Romance about a rugby player and an heiress in Aspen. Stan and his man bun first appeared in the Modern Love Story Short, Take for Granted. This is a full-length novel told in dual POVs.

My Review

 I loved this friends to lovers story. It’s the second book I’ve read by Daisy Prescott and I don’t know why I haven’t read her books sooner! Stan is surprisingly sweet. It is no wonder all the ladies have a crush on him, especially when he turns up the charm factor. Sage is wonderful. She does have doubts about herself like any normal woman does but I loved that she she didn’t let others’ judgment or opinions of her career choices affect her too much. She loves her job and she knows that is what matters.

They both try to maintain the friend boundary. Both are afraid that if something romantic were to happen between them, that it could end up ruining their friendship. Stan decides to put Sage on his rugby club’s annual list of “woman who are off-limits,” hoping to protect her from his fellow rugby players. The plan goes a bit awry when Stan wagers entering into a “fake relationship” with Sage, in order to keep both his and her suitors away. Will they be able to keep their hearts out of it, and remain friends in the end?

This book was so funny. I laughed out loud reading the inner thoughts of Stan and Sage.

“Right now every synapse fires like I’m a twelve-year-old boy again.
This is it fellas.
What we’ve been waiting for!
We’re touching an actual bonafide girl boob.

“If a bush grows and no one is there to see it, does it really exist?”

You could feel the love these two have for each other, even before it turns romantic. They love each other as friends first. This love for each other as friends made their romantic love deeper in my opinion. I think it also makes the idea that their romantic love would work in the end that much more realistic. I loved that they were such good friends for a couple of years before it ever moved to something else. Isn’t that how the best relationships start anyways?

“You’re hardly the boring type. Don’t settle for average when you’re extraordinary.”

One thing I dislike about romance novels is the often ignorant main characters. The misunderstandings that are drawn out for several chapters, keeping our Hero and Heroine apart. I loved that there wasn’t some long overly complicated misunderstanding between Sage and Stan. That doesn’t mean there weren’t trials, miscommunications, or the like. But overall, they were mature, and as open as they could be, while still leaving the big reconciliation to the end.

It was an easy and quick read. Perfect for enjoying during these cold winter nights!

*Book contains some sexually descriptive scenes.



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