My Thoughts On: Ghosts by Dolly Alderton

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Ghosts by Dolly Alderton
Fiction, Contemporary
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Synopsis: Nina Dean is not especially bothered that she’s single. She owns her own apartment, she’s about to publish her second book, she has a great relationship with her ex-boyfriend, and enough friends to keep her social calendar full and her hangovers plentiful. And when she downloads a dating app, she does the seemingly impossible: She meets a great guy on her first date. Max is handsome and built like a lumberjack; he has floppy blond hair and a stable job. But more surprising than anything else, Nina and Max have chemistry. Their conversations are witty and ironic, they both hate sports, they dance together like fools, they happily dig deep into the nuances of crappy music, and they create an entire universe of private jokes and chemical bliss.

But when Max ghosts her, Nina is forced to deal with everything she’s been trying so hard to ignore: her father’s Alzheimer’s is getting worse, and so is her mother’s denial of it; her editor hates her new book idea; and her best friend from childhood is icing her out. Funny, tender, and eminently, movingly relatable, Ghosts is a whip-smart tale of relationships and modern life.


When Nina Dean downloads a dating app, the last thing she expects is to meet a great guy on her very first date. Finding seemingly perfect chemistry with Max, she thinks everything in her life is finally falling into place. But then Max ghosts her, and she’s forced to face everything she’s been trying to ignore; like her father’s Alzheimer’s, her taut relationship with her mother, and the fact her longest friendship is falling apart.

I absolutely loved this one. Sometimes you pick up a book at just the right time in your life, and Ghosts was that for me. There were so many lines and passages I marked, highlighted, flagged, underlined. It was like Alderton reached into my brain, pulled out my innermost thoughts, and put them on paper. It’s amazing how seen you can feel while reading a novel written by someone with whom you have never interacted or met. Isn’t it amazing how a book can make you feel so seen, your feelings validated?

Utterly relatable, Ghosts is filled with wit and tenderness. I couldn’t put it down.


Dolly Alderton is an award-winning author and journalist. She is a columnist for The Sunday Times Style and has also written for GQ, Red, Marie Claire and Grazia. From 2017 to 2020, she co-hosted the weekly pop-culture and current affairs podcast The High Low alongside journalist Pandora Sykes.

Her first book Everything I Know About Love became a top five Sunday Times bestseller in its first week of publication and won a National Book Award for Autobiography of the Year. Her first novel Ghosts was published in October 2020 and was also a top five Sunday Times Bestseller.

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